Welcome Military!

As an American, and having been born at Fort Eustis and raised by a Dad who served in the US Army, Pastor Fox and our church holds great respect and admiration for all who voluntarily serve our dear country in our Armed Forces.



We are most especially thankful to the families who remain here at home while their loved one is deployed as they bear a huge burden to keep the family going and support their loved one who is far away from home.


As a ministry located near the Cheatham Annex, Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, and Joint Base Langley-Eustis, it is our desire to be a blessing to support and encourage all of our military members and their families in our area.

YOU and your family are always welcome to our services –  we are conveniently located  to several military installations in the Williamsburg, Virginia area . . .


  • 1 mile from Colonial Williamsburg
  • 2 miles from Camp Peary
  • 5 miles from Cheatham Annex
  • 9 miles from Yorktown Naval Weapons Station
  • 12 miles from Joint Base Langley Eustis
  • 14 miles from US Coast Guard Training Center

We consider our military folks some of the most amazing and honorable people in our nation today.

  “Anyone who is willing to lay down their life for us, is worthy of our highest respect and admiration.” – Pastor Dennis Fox