Elder John Leland


Elder John Leland, a separate Baptist pastor, is well known in Virginia as God used him to preach the Bible throughout much of the commonwealth.  Elder Leland had opportunity to spend much time in the Williamsburg – Yorktown area, especially during the time of the American Revolution.  Elder Leland Pastored 3 churches in Virginia while he was here in the commonwealth.

Perhaps the most famous event that Leland is known for in his life is his personal meeting with James Madison to convince Madison of the need for a “Bill of Rights” in the newly approved Constitution of the United States.  Leland and Madison met near Orange, VA, where what is now known as “Leland – Madison Park.”  Thankfully Elder Leland was successful after the four hour meeting with James Madison and Madison gave his word for the new Bill of Rights in the Constitution – and kept that word when he went back to Congress.

Our Pastor, Rev. Dennis Fox, impersonates Elder Leland as an outreach of the ministry of our church.  God has used this ministry to give the Gospel message to folks traveling to our area from all over the United States and the world.





Read more about Elder Leland at the website named for him: www.elderjohnleland.com